Actor Patrick Wilson wanted to look his worst in new comedy BARRY MUNDAY - because he wanted his ladies' man character to be tubby and unkempt.
The Watchmen star plays a thirty-something man desperate to bed as many women as he can in the film, but he put a new spin on the story by gaining a few extra pounds for the role.
Speaking at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, he tells WENN, "When you have a comedy where there are a lot of outlandish characters, usually the central figure is the most boring guy. He's like the everyman. I thought, 'Why don't we make him funny and as outlandish as we can?' Any time a guy is described as a ladies' man, it's always like, 'Ugh, I've seen this about a hundred times' or, 'He's disgusting and creepy.'
"I thought there was something endearing about him, so physically I kept a lot of the weight on that I had from Watchmen without the muscles to get that post-college Budweiser glow where everybody thinks they're still in high school shape but they're really not; like the guy who goes to the gym but doesn't really work out. He thinks because his shirts are tight that he's fit."
And Wilson admits he even planned for his facial hair to look dishevelled, adding, "I remember when Ethan Hawke hit the scene and got the goatee. Every guy was like, 'I gotta grow a goatee now because it's so hip.' But this character is hanging onto the goatee a little too long and it's a little scraggly and terrible and not well-kept. The hairline was terrible though; I had a bad comb-over!"