The Wilson boys spent their summers in Big Stone Gap, where their grandmother passed away nine months before filming started.

Patrick tells WENN, "Our dad was a TV anchor up until last year and we lived in Virginia as kids. Several generations of the Wilsons have been in Big Stone Gap, so for us it has really been the most personal project I've been a part of. We stayed in the house that my grandmother lived in most of her life. It was very grounding."

"We were on Wilson Road in the house that was more or less the most fun place we could ever go to as kids," Paul adds. "It was named for our family; our grandfather and his brothers and sisters were born up the road. The last living first generation Wilson, our great aunt Opal, has a place there and she'll be 100 in March.

"There's this little bridge that's not much wider than your car that my grandfather in his last years would walk with his cane and watch the state fix that bridge, and not too long after his passing they named it the Paul J Wilson bridge (after him)."

And the Wilson brothers were made to feel at home in the place they'd spent so many happy times as kids: "As soon as you get down there somebody comes over with some moonshine they've created," Patrick chuckles. "It's pretty funny too because I've brought some back and I have these parties in my house in New Jersey and I'll put a little sign on all the mason jars: 'This is moonshine from southwest Virginia. Be very careful if you don't know what you're getting into!'

"There wasn't a day that went by that someone didn't come up to me and say, 'I was friends with your grandpa', and tell me some funny stories. They (locals) were in the movie, they cooked meals for the movie, housed some of the actors because there's only one hotel... There were several Wilsons in the film too. Our dad, my two boys play Jane Krakowski's kids."

As well as the Wilsons and Krakowski, Big Stone Gap features Whoopi Goldberg, Jenna Elfman and Ashley Judd.