Review of Close to Paradise Album by Patrick Watson

Patrick Watson
Close to Paradise
Album Review

Close to Paradise is the second L.P. from the Canadian band Patrick Watson, and is a bold step in a new direction.

While the album is arguably lacking in the way of memorable tunes, it is a tour-de-force of atmospheric rock, with singer (you guessed it) Patrick Watson sending chills down the spine with a voice eerily similar to that of the legendary Jeff Buckley.

'Daydreamer' is a highlight, combining the main elements of the record to compelling effects; a chamber piano and various electro glitches and whooshes fading in and out of the mix. 'The Storm' is also a triumph, a smoky, barroom confessional with a wailing blues guitar. Most impressive though, is arguably the stately 'Man Under The Sea', a unique track that Radiohead themselves would be proud to put their names to.

This is a record with very few weak areas, and is never anything les than compelling, from the warm melodies of the eponymous opener, to the slow-building glory of 'Bright Shiny Lights' which evokes the spirit of Otis Redding with its shimmering keyboard line.

Patrick Watson Close to Paradise Album

Close to Paradise is a slow-burning triumph.

Ben Davis

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