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It is Wednesday th 14th sept here in tassie. I just wanted to say it is memorium time again for Patrick and it is still a sad time. I still watch Dirty Dancing just to see what a beautiful dancer, family man that he was. May he live forever in everyones memory until the day his fans pass away. He may be gone but never forgotten

Posted 9 years 10 months ago by Lucylancer

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lisa all my prayers will go out 2 u and yer family. keep yer head up and never let yerself down i know yer goin threw roug life right now but keep yerself strong for the babies.atlease patricks not in pain anymore he might be up in heaven talkin to my daddy. my dad passed away from a heart attack in 2007 of oct. 18th.i loved all his movies he ever maded specially ghost and dirty dancing.damn was he hot. love always tonia

Posted 11 years 10 months ago by winni_pooh72

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Patrick Swayze was such a nice person, handsome, good actor, dancer he had everything.I will miss you Patrick Peace to your wifeJune

Posted 11 years 10 months ago by june m

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hi lisa my heart goes out to you and ur family. im a great fan of patrick im from the uk loved his movies especially dirty dancing and my birthday today so when i heard the news i was very upset. rip patrick will never forget xx

Posted 11 years 10 months ago by sue1509

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it's a shame that patrick had cancer and sadly passewd away he was a great actor

Posted 11 years 10 months ago by mandy glossop

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he was one the greatest star of all time to the end. brave, charming. will miss him. god bless him

Posted 11 years 10 months ago by sunshine69

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Dear Ms Liza Niemi, I am from South African and a great fan of Patrick. I received the sad new today - my prayers are with you and his family. May he rest in peace I have been looking at his movies over and over again. God knows best - but why always the nice people to go first? I will miss you and your movies and dancing a lot and there will surely be a gap in my life now that you are gone PATRIC SWAYZE - REST IN PEACE A GREAT ACTOR AND DANCER.Joanna SumaresSouth Africa

Posted 11 years 10 months ago by Dirty Dancing

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this is a very sad day for me an all patricks angels who have watched over him since 2008, i have sent him cards nearly every day since then, an tryed to let him know how much he has ment to me, i have all his movies, i will cherish them always. especially dirty danceing, roadhouse, black dog and of coarse his an lisa's the last dance. there will never be a big an tough guy kile patrick was,"never" all the cards i sent him was signed as, "the ol lady of kingman, az.. "REST IN PEACE" PATRICK, YOU'V GONE TO A MUCH BETTER AN PEACEFUL PLACE. DI69, KINGMAN AZ. "YOU SAID IT WAS EXPIRED"?

Posted 11 years 10 months ago by di69

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He was a beloved actor, wonderful person, and every woman knows that he was one of the sexist men of his time. my heart goes out to his wife and family. he will be truely missed in the world of entertainment. rest in peace, we all will miss you!!!!!

Posted 11 years 10 months ago by wildcat89

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to a wonderful person^wife, i know what you are going thought, i lost my mother&sister to cancer. you are in my prays may god be kind to you and take away thiscancer, but just keep believeing in the good lord and he will see you thought i know it was the lord that got me thought my two loses. from a fan and would like to become your friend connie

Posted 11 years 10 months ago by connie1

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Hi Patrick and Lisa, Just want you to know i'm praying for you to win this battle with cancer. I am a big fan and love the beast. Im glad to hear your doing another season. My brother looks exactly like you and he gets mistaken all the time for being you! My daughter was working at bass pro shop almost a couple of years ago when you both came in for dinner. It was a huge thrill for her. Take care.Maggie.

Posted 11 years 10 months ago by Maggie1

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patrick, i love you and one of your biggest fans. I am so sorry about your sickness. god will be with you and bless you. you remember me, i'm young black girl from the hood and i love you....

Posted 12 years 1 month ago by melody

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ALL MY THOUGHTS ARE WITH YOU,,,i cry when i see you like this it hurts me so,,that yr haveing to go through this ,,its not fare,,cause you are one of the good people that are in this world,,cause theres not very many out there,,i beleive you are a very strong & yr wife is strong to be by yr side,,we all love you as much as she does,,,yes im one of the crazy ones that ,,get excited everytime yr movies are on,,just to watch you in action,,most of us wish we were BABY in DIRTY DANCING,,,thats my favorite movie,,also road house,,too,,my prays are with you & yr wife,,,,,DAWN CAMPBELL,, in KENTUCKY

Posted 12 years 4 months ago by Dawn Campbell

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Hi Patrick!p.s. first - Keep on smokin' - it's one of the things that keeps me goin' too! I heard it said that a few decades ago,none of us existed - and a few decades from now,(or less),none of us will exist again.Our natural 'state' is 'nonexisting spirit' and we all are here just on a short 'vacation.'My prayer for you is to be as painfree as possible during this illness,so you can enjoy whatever 'vacation' you have left.You have always been one of my favorites and if you read this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my life.Your movies have made my 'vacation' so much more enjoyable.I send you love and I hope to meet you someday when we are both back in 'nonexistance'.Enjoy every second ,my friend. Donna

Posted 12 years 4 months ago by Princessgod

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our hearts and prayers go out to you, swayze and your beautiful wife

Posted 12 years 5 months ago by njmralo

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Please send me an e-mail address so that I can forward a video clip to Patrick Swayze of a doctor of oncology from Italy who has cleared up cancerous tumors in 6 days with sodium bicarbonate. He has proven that cancer is a fungus and cannot survive in an alkaline body. I spoke with a man who went down to 68 pounds because he had colon and esophogal cancer and was hooked up to IV's and a feeding tube. He checked himself out of the hospital when he heard about a doctor who created a green powder that when mixed with water can alkalize the body. Since he couldn't swallow, he bought a fish tank and pumped the drink through a tube he inserted down his throat. That was about 12 years ago and he has since helped over 400 people to beat Stage 4 cancer. I can give him the names of people who can help him.

Posted 12 years 5 months ago by drangnow

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Everyone keeps forgetting Patrick Swayze's best Love story ever. The TV mini-series North and South. That was the first time I remember seeing him and he was awesome. He was the sexiest thing going and he played the part to a tee. Am I the only one that remembers it. I have all 10 tapes and watch it at least twice a year. It was North and South and North and South book II by John Jakes.He's a toughy, he'll pull through. We are pulling for you Patrick.Your biggest fan.

Posted 12 years 5 months ago by GrammyGail60

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Patrick I believe that you are a fighter, but with cancer being a fighter alone will not help because i have seen it time and time again, contact me on my e-mail: [email protected] I will show you medicines that have done wonders for people like you and if you are thinking that I'm just another treasure hunter, you can keep your millions.

Posted 12 years 5 months ago by Victor Mispounas

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I was diagnosed with cancer last year so know what Patrick is going through. The trick to survival of this awful thing - stay positive, keep busy, plenty of fresh air, exercise and good food and try as best you can to keep a job you love doing. I wish Patrick all the luck in the world and hope yet again to see his name up on the film credits. I wish him and his family well.

Posted 12 years 6 months ago by anniee

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Mrs. Swayze, I can relate to your feelings and what you are going through. My husband passed away Aug.18,2008 from pancreatic cancer. We were married 40yrs. and not 1 day goes by without having him on my mind. He was diagnosed in March of 2006. In Dec. 2007 his oncologist gave us the news his cancer was back. His question was "How much longer do I have," and the doctor gave him 3mo. In Aug.his mission was complete and left to meet his maker. My prayers are with you and God give you strenght.

Posted 12 years 6 months ago by mrsjo

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To:Patrick & Lisa,I wish the best for you 2.Stay strong Patrick , but don't kill yourself with to much work !! you did work an off all these years.NOW,Enjoyed your life with your beautiful wife Lisa every little moments after each others.You deserved it !!Love ya Pat. 1 of the million fans u have xx

I lived close to Lake Lure,NC and every time I go there I feel your presence...I am wishing you all the best! Keep dancing...

Posted 12 years 6 months ago by malibu5967

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Hi patrick....i was so heart broken when i heard about yr cancer long time ago,,it really bothers me,,cause yr one of the greatest actors out there,my prays are with you & lisa,,,yr such a strong person, & yes you are hot still as well as when you was younger,,,i never miss yr movies when they come on t.v....i saw that you have a ranch,with horses,,that is so cool..ive had horses,since i was 7 yrs old & still do,,you inspire alot of people,,so keep going & enjoy each day,,,,love ya Dawn....a loyally fan

Posted 12 years 6 months ago by Dawn Campbell

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Dear Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Swayze, This is your big fan. You are very good acter. Jodi LaCour,

Posted 12 years 6 months ago by Jodi LaCour

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Mr.and Mrs Swayze,Your pictures are beautiful. I am very upset about patrick having pancreatic cancer. I had someone special to me die of the same thing. He was only 60 years old. You are too old to have it but you can't help it. I love your acting patrick and love your movies. my prayers and wishes for you patrick. I love you and will miss you.

Posted 12 years 6 months ago by bridgely60

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Death Stalker Scorpion Poison goes like a silver bullet right to the cancer then light radiation it gets erradicated To Go Where no man has gone before Good-luck on your mission the mission is yours Love is helping others,I am not a doctor look to the southern states and no there is a c-u-r-e!!

Posted 12 years 6 months ago by [email protected]'s picture

mr. & mrs. swayze, I have been looking into all break through medical issues trying to find out what was wrong with my own physical condition [I am the husband of betty]What I`ve found that could be of some help to you[I am not a doctor] The cell in-between the eyes is concidered a cure for my veins above the heart and by injecting my cell into the heart the cell grows new veins.Your cells are a cure.And two they have taken death stalker poison [thats a scorpion] and have injected it into brain cancer patients,which should just end lives in a short time yet the pioson goes like a silver bullet right to the cancer and then light radiation eradicates it.Good luck on your mission to success in the cancer world.And gleevec and sutent are cancer drugs that after given to mice which were insulin dependant no longer need take insulin even ten weeks after being taken off the drugs no side effects and have been known to cure all kinds of other cancers.Here`s to you in the great unknown to go where no man has gone Before I Pray the you will the c-u-r-e Is at hand tc.Tracy

Posted 12 years 6 months ago by [email protected]'s picture

This is for Patrick.I do understand the fear that lurks within you & the question your'e wrestling with "Why me". My friend,this is the age old question,'why do bad things happen to good people". If you were to look at Luke 13: 1-9 in the bible, Jesus answered this question. I would be glad to give you some insight for practical application on this issue so you would be able to deal with the challenge from a biblical perspective. Jesus is still performing miracles today, I see it all the time.Praying for you,Pastor Banarsee

Posted 12 years 6 months ago by Rev. Harold E. ...

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Hello Patrick..I don't know if the other messages I've added to this have reached you but I wanted to make sure I got this on this site too..I don't know if you have heard of the Coffee Cleanse...yes coffee. Please have your advocate research this Cleanse. Find someone that has had success doing this procedure. I hope this letter will find you or someone who has the ability to reach you and pass this valuable info. to you. I too have had cancer and today I'm here to tell you I have never gave up hope in finding a cure. I will keep researching til a cure is found. I feel that the answers will be found. My research is ongoing and if you'd like you can contact me. You can reach me through myspace where I have a page dedicated to cancer. feel free to read my blog where I have written a write up on cancer. This write up will give people a inside look of what cancer is and ways we can help change. Doctors don't tell us everything...This is why it's important to have a advocate or family member who can research of be supportive....CANCER CANNOT SHATTER HOPE, SO KEEP FAITH= SURVIVOR

Posted 12 years 10 months ago by TLynn

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Hello Patrick,I forgot to put in my current message how you can reach me. I also want you to know my cancer research is ongoing as we speak and I have questions being answered by experts in the fields I had concerns on when researching that had me floored. Please take the time to read my blogs I have on myspace that is dedicated to helping others with cancer. I'm in hopes that my research will help others. So feel free to contact me or have your advocate contact me.Here is my page you can reach me through. give up Faith = Hope My Friend.I'm a 11year Cancer Survivor From Cervical Cancer.

Posted 12 years 10 months ago by TLynn

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Patric you do not have to die of cancer. Cancer is the easiest of all the deseases to cure. It is so symple that most people find it hard to beleivd. You are out about $5.00 per week for a while. I would say 6 months. If you don't have a juicer mech. then you have to buy one of them. They cost brtween $35, to $54.00. I have owned mine for twenty four yearsI have lung cancer. I refused treatment. I went to Safeway and got some red beets, some medium carrots, and a apple. I put them in the juicer and sipped the mixture over the next thirty minutes. Within 10 minutes I could feel a stinging in my lung. after a minute it went away. I did not spit up blood that night nor for the rest of the week.That was 22 years ago and I never had any kind of other treatment. My sister had melanoma. Her Dr. told her that they were going to take a biopsy and cut out ther cancers. I talked her into makeing a past and tapeing it to the biggest one. she took the bandage off 28 days and the cancer was gone. There was 26 other ones that he was going to cut off while she was there. they were all gone also. that was 7 years ago and she hasn't been bothered with cancer sense. Jim Dugan the Pro. Wrestler got cancer and had to quit wrestling. When I finaly got through to jim I told him the same thing I am telling you. I told him that he didn't have to die. He ask me what he had to do and I told him. He ask me what my fee was and I told him that I wanted to see him back in the ring. Jim did what I told him and he is now wresteling again. Jim is like you. Everbody that has seen him loves him. Now this is the best of all. My Doctor got colon cancer. They told him to clean up his practice because he had less than two weeks to live. I told him what to do and that ws three years ago and he is still practicing med. this Dr. now has two other doctors doing it and the three of them swear by it. This is not my concoction. I had lung cancer and I got in tough with the federal government and they sent me a book with one little paragraph, but that one paragraph was the most important thing in my life. I haven't taken this the way I should so as a result all I am doing is keeping it under controle. If you are Interested right me at [email protected] iT WILL NOT COST YOU ANYTHING. I will tell you how to use it and I will garentee you that you will know if it is working with in twenty minutes.Gilbert Croasmun sr.I really hope this gets to you or someone in your family.

Posted 13 years 3 months ago by gilbert Croasmun sr.

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Hi - I am a great fan of Patrick who is so talented!!I am truly sorry for the trial of his illness that he is going through -I would like to say that as each day goes by I pray that Patrick will take strength in prayer and know that miracles do happen through Jesus for healing!! I also pray for strength for his loved ones as they too are sharing this trial with him. Be strong Patrick and trust in the LordRegardsLyn (South Africa)

Posted 13 years 3 months ago by Lyn

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