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8th February 2009

Quote: "You know you've struck a nerve when you make Joe Satriani accuse you of stealing his song." Fall Out Boy star Patrick Stump credits Coldplay for upsetting guitar great Satriani.

1st December 2008

Quote: "Kanye West is the best thing happening in pop music right now... Kanye's the maverick. Kanye is like 'highway to the danger zone'." Fall Out Boy star Patrick Stump is a big fan of rapper West.

29th November 2008

Quote: "Once I have my hat on and take my glasses off - so I can't see past the first row - I can relax." Fall Out Boy star Patrick Stump on how he combats stage nerves.

31st October 2008

Quote: "It's starting at 3.15am, I swear to God. It'll take about 12 hours for about four an hour, so I'm gonna be real interesting by about three in the afternoon." Fall Out Boy star Patrick Stump isn't looking forward to the band's Halloween (31Oct08) radio interview record attempt. The group have to record 58 radio chats on the same day.

17th April 2008

Quote: "All I can really say is I'm totally happy for them. And I'm happy for myself, too. I'll probably get to wear a tux." Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump is delighted his bandmate Pete Wentz is to marry girlfriend Ashlee Simpson. The couple announced their engagement earlier this month (10Apr08).

21st December 2007

Fact: Fall Out Boy star Patrick Stump is to start 2008 as an actor after landing the role of a murder suspect in the new series of hit cop drama LAW + ORDER, which airs on 2 January (08).

27th July 2007

Quote: "I'm a totally normal guy. I'm what we call 'TV Ugly': handsome enough to be cast as the ugly friend. I'm 'TV Fat', a thin guy compared to most of the population, but, well, you know..." Fall Out Boy star Patrick Stump understands why he is not considered to be a heart-throb.

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