Sir Patrick Stewart caused a veritable storm on social media – and traditional media for that matter – when he tweeted a photo of himself enjoying his first ever pizza slice earlier this week. Everyone was astonished. By now, of course, Stewart has cleared up the case, explaining that he had had pizza before and was referring to the “slice” format, rather than the food itself. What is even more puzzling though is all of the attention that this has gotten, ever since the initial explosion. The actor spoke to New York Magazine about the whole incident, explaining that he was more shocked by the reaction, than everyone else was by the news themselves.

“I'm astonished. You know, we thought it was a cute picture,” he explained “I like doing these things that are kind of unexpected, as far as I'm concerned, and things that have a little bit of a surprise element to them. But we never anticipated what has happened. I just did an interview with BBC, the main evening news program. And it's been years since I've talked to them. And it's all, you know, about a pizza slice.”

The picture could be a testament to the power of social media to bring celebrities closer to their fans. It could be that all people have ever wanted, was bread and circuses – in this case, with some added sauce and pepperoni. Or it could just be a cute photo, as the man originally intended it to be. We’d say the lesson is this: follow Patrick Stewart’s Twitter. It’s hilarious.

Sir Patrick Stewart, Breakfast at Tiffany's Opening Night
Stewart is a firm believer in social media.

Sir Patrick Stewart. Jack The Giant Slayer Premiere
And now, apparently, pizza slices.