Patrick Stewart reveals that he has in fact tasted pizza before after a misunderstanding on Twitter led people to believe that he'd never had a slice of the Italian junk food.

The 'Star Trek' actor was in fact being quite literal; he had posted 'My first ever pizza 'slice'. Please note: the authentic NY fold' accompanied by a photo and he literally meant that he'd never had a 'slice'. 'It was my first slice, and when it was brought over to me, my first comment was 'There's no knife and fork.' Of course, I was mocked for thinking that I could eat a pizza slice with a knife and fork', he revealed in an interview with New York Magazine after headlines went crazy with wondering how this 72-year-old could possibly have bypassed the delicious food. As much as he was unaware that one traditionally ate the stuff in triangular handheld slices, he did agree that he 'would have had to have stayed locked up in a cellar' to never have tried it all.

However, before you start looking at him like he's an alien, he did decide on pizza as a hangover cure, admitting, 'My fiancée and I were a little hung-over yesterday morning and she said what we need is pizza and a soothing drink - and she was right. It solved the problem.' See! He's just like the rest of us!

Patrick StewartSure Patrick Stewart Has Had Pizza Before!