He’s captained the Enterprise and founded the X-Men, but the biggest test of Patrick Stewart’s abilities appears to have come when the 74 year old tried to keep a straight face while wearing a particularly festive Christmas hat.

Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart is the king of the internet. Fact.

In the just over 30 second clip uploaded to Youtube by the actor’s wife Sunny Ozell, Stewart can be seen wearing an elf style Christmas hat which appears to have a life of its own as it serenades him with the jingle ‘We Are Santa's Elves.’

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With his arms crossed Stewart does his best to remain stoic and ignore the all singing, all dancing light show that's happening on his head. But eventually it all becomes too much for the actor and he breaks down laughing, while Sunny can also be heard giggling from behind the camera.

Watch Patrick Stewart In 'Sweet Hat Bro':

Since being uploaded to Youtube on Christmas eve, the video, titled ‘Sweet Hat Bro’ has garnered over 1million views. The actor also shared the clip himself on twitter along with the greeting, ‘Merry Christmas!’

Of course Stewart has been making us laugh via his twitter account for years now, sharing images of himself in a whole variety of situations we could have never imagined Jean-Luc Picard in.

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Some of our favourites from 2014 have included, a grumpy looking pic of the actor at Outsidelands entitled ‘My first music festival’ and another of the actor posing alongside a larger than life Yoda who had just stolen his hat.