Shouting at the DJ and throwing ice cubes at him is a sure-fire way to get kicked out of a club. Doing that as the child of a major Hollywood star is a brilliant way to get labelled a brat, and that’s exactly what Patrick Schwarzenegger did.

And now comes the apology, this time administered via Twitter. "Excuse my language. I apologise," he posted, followed by: "Live and learn, hope everyone has a blessed day". The aspiring actor, a freshman, wasn’t supposed to be in the club anyway, as he’s underage. It took him lobbing cubes of ice at one of the employees to get their attention and get himself noticed, and subsequently kicked out. "I'm gonna beat the f--k out of the DJ," he said repeatedly. "He kicks everybody out of his table, losing money for the club, losing money for the owner," said a source to TMZ. "[DJ Valadez] told him nicely a few times to please be careful because he kept bumping into [his equipment]," added a source to US Weekly. "I guess Patrick became annoyed so he started throwing ice at him. At this point one of the cocktail waitresses noticed it was Patrick Schwarzenegger and alerted the team who he was and that he was underage."

We’d hate to come home to Arnie after being caught doing that publically. Talk about a scary dad! Although the Austrian beefcake is probably too busy with his political prepositions to give a damn about his son’s recent misdemeanour.

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