After a week of rumours concerning the state of their marriage, TV star Paddy McGuinness has reportedly moved out of the home he shares with his wife Christine, to give her “space and time” to think about their future.

The couple, who got married in June 2011 and have three children together (four year old twins Penelope and Leo, and one year old Felicity), saw their marriage hit the headlines this week after ‘Take Me Out’ host McGuinness was photographed out and about with former All Saints star Nicole Appleton, with the two of them looking amorous.

Since then, Christine has been said to be “distraught” over the snaps, now asking her husband to temporarily move out of their Cheshire home while she gets some space.

Paddy McGuinness Christine MartinChristine Martin has asked her husband, Paddy McGuinness, to leave their home

A source close to the situation told The Sun on Friday morning (February 16th): “She has told him she needs some space and time to think about what to do next for the best. She wants him to leave for a couple of days. She wants to keep talking but needs a breather. She’s been totally devastated by the pictures.”

The insider added: “Christine feels distraught after giving up her life for him, even falling out with family members over him in the past. For him to publicly betray her is a step too far.”

Appleton, who was previously married to former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher and divorced him in 2014, was spotted dragging a suitcase out of her London home on Monday morning.

A few days later, 44 year old McGuinness and his wife were spotted together in their car, “talking things through”, according to a source. This lasted about an hour before Christine left in tears. They told The Sun in a statement later that this week has been “an emotional time for both of us”.

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