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20th July 2016

Fact: Patrick Dempsey's wife Jillian is selling off the Los Angeles mansion she bought after initially filing for divorce from the actor last year (15). The couple split after 15 years of marriage, but it has since reconciled, and now Jillian is looking to offload the home she had been planning to move into to start her life as a divorcee. The Pacific Palisades home was purchased for $6.1 million (£4.7 million) last summer (15), but now it is back on the market for $8 million (£6.1 million), reports

25th April 2015

Tweet: "I want to thank all the fans, what an incredible 11 yrs, I love you all." Patrick Dempsey thanks his Grey's Anatomy fans after his character on the medical drama, Dr. Derek Shepherd, was killed off during a shocking episode, which aired in America on Thursday (23Apr15).

15th October 2013

Fact: Actor Patrick Dempsey has helped to raise over $1.1 million (£733,330) for his cancer support centre in Maine after hosting his fifth annual Dempsey Challenge over the weekend (12-13Oct13). Almost 4,000 participants took part in the cycling, running and walking fundraiser.

11th October 2013

Quote: "If I'm there, I go in. It's fun. I just wanna come in for free drinks. I'm like, 'Hi, can I come in? Crash the party? Champagne? Where's the cake? Can I take a picture? Here's my camera.' I have a wedding album of all of them." Actor Patrick Dempsey has an odd new hobby - gatecrashing weddings.

25th September 2013

Quote: "I have no desire to go on a cruise. You're trapped on those things... I'll probably give it to someone - my mother, my sister or someone like that." Actor Patrick Dempsey has no intention of using the cruise gift handed to him by Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes.

24th September 2013

Fact: Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey finished third at the FIA World Endurance Championship at the Circuit of the Americas in Texas on Sunday (22Sep13).

27th August 2013

Quote: "It depends on renegotiations, quite honestly. I could stay, I may go, who knows? The biggest point for me in negotiations is getting time off to come race, so if I don't miss races, I'll probably stay on Grey's Anatomy." Actor Patrick Dempsey will stay with Grey's Anatomy as long as the medical drama's bosses allow him time off to race cars.

26th August 2013

Quote: "She was channelling Oprah. She was like, 'Everybody gets a cruise, everybody gets a cruise!'" Patrick Dempsey on Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes' announcement that cast and crew were all getting cruise vacations as gifts to mark the show's 200th episode.

8th April 2013

Quote: "I want to be a barista... Once we've finished this season (of Grey's Anatomy) I wanna go and study for, like, a month." Actor Patrick Dempsey on his plans to work at the Tully's Coffee chain, which he took over in January (13) after outbidding Starbucks bosses.

30th July 2012

Tweet: "Back on greys all week working with Eric, sad to see him go". Actor Patrick Dempsey on filming his last season on hit U.S. medical drama Grey's Anatomy with Eric Dane.

9th February 2012

Quote: "She was a great loss to the show, in my opinion. She had a great character. She's a wonderful actress and I would always welcome her back, certainly." Patrick Dempsey is eager for Grey's Anatomy bosses to rehire Katherine Heigl after she revealed she wants to return to the hospital drama.

27th June 2011

Quote: "I'm not 25 like Shia LaBeouf, who can bounce right back. I get a scratch, and I need to go home and take a hot bath and take care of myself." Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon actor Patrick Dempsey jokes about filming the heavy-action film with his younger co-star.

24th June 2011

Fact: Patrick Dempsey landed a trio of firsts at the Transformers: Dark Of The Moon premiere in Moscow, Russia on Thursday (23Jun11) - it was his first Russian premiere, his first appearance in a Transformers film and the first time he had ever seen a 3D movie.

31st January 2011

Fact: Actor Patrick Dempsey stunned the racing world in Florida on Sunday (30Jan11) when he finished third in the Rolex 24. Dempsey led the Grand-Am Series for a time, and then helped his race team earn its first podium.

30th September 2010

Quote: "Assuming money is no object, I would race full-time. I really love it. I think it's a great sport, great camaraderie. It's mentally and physically challenging - there's just something about it." GREY'S ANATOMY star Patrick Dempsey, who co-owns the Dempsey Racing team, would give up acting to pursue his car driving hobby full-time - if the pay was better.

5th May 2010

Fact: GREY'S ANATOMY star Patrick Dempsey will play Megan Fox's boss in the second Transformers sequel.

8th April 2010

Fact: Keanu Reeves, Adrien Brody, Patrick Dempsey and Christian Slater will speed off against each other at the Pro/Celebrity Race at the Grand Prix of Long Beach in California on 16 April (10).

12th February 2010

Fact: Actor and avid skier Patrick Dempsey is the former Maine state slalom champion.

1st December 2009

Quote: "My hair is a complete nightmare to deal with. The grey is coming in now, and I'm looking forward to that. I'm going to try and age gracefully and not be neurotic about it." GREY'S ANATOMY hunk Patrick Dempsey has no plans to dye his hair as he ages.

5th November 2009

Quote: "Sometimes I just don't want to deal with it, and I just throw on a hat. It's really curly. I'm just glad it's not falling out." GREY'S ANATOMY hunk Patrick Dempsey insists his sexy tousled hair takes work to make it look good.

8th June 2009

Quote: "I don't think my daughter's too sure. She says 'Don't kiss me, prickly!'" GREY'S ANATOMY star Patrick Dempsey's daughter isn't a fan of his new beard.

8th June 2009

Fact: GREY'S ANATOMY star Patrick Dempsey married his best friend's mum, Rocky Parker, when he was 21 and she was 48. The marriage lasted seven years. He has since married make-up artist, Jillian - the couple has three children.

13th April 2009

Fact: GREY'S ANATOMY star Patrick Dempsey's first job was as a juggling, unicycle-riding clown.

24th March 2009

Fact: GREY'S ANATOMY star Patrick Dempsey has put his four-bedroom Bel-Air, California mansion on the market - for a cool $3.6 million (£2.5 million).

24th September 2008

Quote: "If you can't have chemistry with Patrick Dempsey you're in a whole lot of trouble!" Michelle Monaghan didn't struggle in scenes with her MADE OF HONOR co-star.

23rd July 2008

Quote: "I can't believe I have a cologne, it's really hysterical, and people really enjoy it." Actor Patrick Dempsey on his new Avon fragrance, Patrick Dempsey Unscripted.

11th May 2008

Quote: "She was in her late forties. I should never have seen The Graduate, should I?" Patrick Dempsey on his short-lived marriage to his former manager ROCKY PARKER, who was twice his age.

3rd May 2008

Quote: "MCSteamy is in perfect shape. I definitely have pec envy. There's a lot of pressure being a man in this town." GREY'S ANATOMY actor Patrick Dempsey in envious of co-star Eric Dane'S body.

1st May 2008

Fact: A naked scene of Patrick Dempsey in new movie MADE OF HONOR was cut to make sure the film landed a PG-13 rating.

28th April 2008

Quote: "(Circus troupe) Barnum and Bailey has a clown school that you have to go through to get into the circus. I put the form in and I was too young and I didn't get accepted." GREY'S ANATOMY star Patrick Dempsey once had high hopes of becoming a circus performer.

27th April 2008

Quote: "They're completely lost. You look at certain young women in Hollywood and some of the men, they're out of control because they don't have any foundation (beneath) them". Patrick Dempsey sees a shift in the focus of celebrities since his own rise to fame in the 1980s.

27th April 2008

Quote: "I don't remember that much at all. I vaguely remember my marriage! No, it's funny, because last night was the first date night I've had with my wife in a month. Once you introduce children, it's a different relationship". Patrick Dempsey admits his nine-year marriage to make-up artist Jill Fink has taken a backseat to caring for his one-year-old twins.

23rd April 2008

Quote: "Oh God, apples and oranges really. Each has their own unique style and it's fine by me. It could be worse - I could be kissing no one at all." Actress Michelle Monaghan when asked to compare kissing co-stars Tom Cruise and Patrick Dempsey.

22nd April 2008

Quote: "It's like a slapstick routine watching these drunk little men run around." Actor Patrick Dempsey on his one-year-old twins DARBY and SULLIVAN.

22nd April 2008

Quote: "Acting is just too much work. All I really want to be is a supermodel." GREY'S ANATOMY star Patrick Dempsey jokes about his heavy work schedule.

27th February 2008

Quote: "My funniest Oscar night story would have to be the night I performed at the ceremony. It was 1989 and I was introduced by Bob Hope and Lucille Ball. It was a segment called Oscar Winners of the Future. Me Patrick Dempsey, Ricki Lake, Christian Slater, Savion Glover. None of us has won an Oscar yet." Eighties child star Corey Feldman is still waiting for his Academy Award.

20th December 2007

Fact: ENCHANTED star Patrick Dempsey has been named the Star of The Year by leading American magazine People.

19th December 2007

Quote: "I think there is something inherently glamorous about a young neurosurgeon. My character is a certain archetype that feeds into lots of fantasies." Actor Patrick Dempsey insists his image as a sex symbol has nothing to do with this own good looks.

11th December 2007

Quote: "When I saw the doll I thought, 'I wish I looked that good'." ENCHANTED star Patrick Dempsey on being recreated as a toy.

24th November 2007

Quote: "We met in a salon - she's a make-up artist. If I get my haircut by anybody, she knows immediately as soon as I walk in the door." Patrick Dempsey's wife likes to cut his hair.

20th November 2007

Quote: "That's funny. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride." GREY'S ANATOMY hunk Patrick Dempsey jokes about losing out to Matt Damon on People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive 2007 poll.

12th November 2007

Fact: GREY'S ANATOMY star Patrick Dempsey's character in new Disney film ENCHANTMENT has been turned into a doll.

13th September 2007

Fact: GREY'S ANATOMY star Patrick Dempsey plays the man who invented the cardboard sleeve for coffee cups in new film MAN OF HONOR, which was shot in Scotland this summer (07).

23rd March 2007

Fact: GREY'S ANATOMY star Patrick Dempsey owns the Porsche convertible Tom Cruise drove in 1986 movie hit Top Gun.

17th January 2007

Quote: "It's in our new negotiated contracts that we have to be 150 yards away from each other. That's the new thing." GREY'S ANATOMY star Isaiah Washington jokes about the on-set scuffle he had with co-star Patrick Dempsey last year (06).

16th January 2007

Quote: "Poor thing. He doesn't have (wife) JILL tonight. She's having twins and she's on bedrest. She's due very soon, so she has to take care of herself and the babies. He'll be missing her all night long. I'll have to hear about how much he misses her!" GREY'S ANATOMY star Ellen Pompeo admits her pre-Golden Globe fears that she'll have to listen to lonely co-star Patrick Dempsey's har-luck story all night.

16th January 2007

Quote: "Poor thing. He doesn't have (wife) JILL tonight. She's having twins and she's on bedrest. She's due very soon, so she has to take care of herself and the babies. He'll be missing her all night long. I'll have to hear about how much he misses her!" GREY'S ANATOMY star Ellen Pompeo admits her pre-Golden Globe fears that she'll have to listen to lonely co-star Patrick Dempsey's har-luck story all night.

28th November 2006

Fact: Tyra Banks, Samuel L Jackson, Tenacious D and US TV stars Patrick Dempsey and Matthew Fox appeared in a new ad for sports channel ESPN's MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL last night (27NOV06).

7th September 2006

Fact: Denis Leary, Rob Morrow and Patrick Dempsey were all up for the role of GREGORY HOUSE on the US hit TV series HOUSE, but British actor Hugh Laurie eventually won the role with an audition tape he filmed inside a men's room in Namibia, where he was filming action movie remake FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX.

29th August 2006

Fact: GREY'S ANATOMY star Patrick Dempsey was a big loser at the Emmy Awards on Sunday (27AUG06) - the show failed to win any of its 11 nominations and the actor lost his wedding ring while he was getting ready for the big event.

29th June 2006

Fact: Patrick Dempsey was not the first choice to play neurosurgeon DR DEREK SHEPHERD on GREY'S ANATOMY - producers originally wanted actor ROB LOWE.

31st May 2006

Fact: GREY'S ANATOMY star Patrick Dempsey is a co-owner of US Indycar racing team Vision Racing.

28th May 2006

Quote: "It was the last scene of the last episode on the last day... and everybody was just looking at their watches, going, 'When is this going to be over... and when do the panties drop again? Where's the light? Move the knee, no the other knee.'" Patrick Dempsey insists his steamy love scene with GREY'S ANATOMY co-star Ellen Pompeo in the season finale was far from sensual.

13th February 2006

Fact: <p>Hunky GREY'S ANATOMY star Patrick Dempsey began his career as a juggling, unicycle-riding clown. </p>

12th August 2005

Quote: <p>"I pretend I've never met her and I'm coming in to get a haircut. The barber chair has added a lot to our relationship." Patrick Dempsey on role-playing with his hairstylist wife JILLIAN. </p>

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