Grey’s Anatomy’s own McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey, made big news last month, when he won the bankrupt Seattle coffee chain Tully’s in an auction, over another Seattle-based coffee giant, Starbucks.

Right on the heels of the win, however, Starbucks contested the result and the company is now taking their claims to court and it looks like Dempsey should have stayed in the operating room.

Starbucks and another company, AgriNurture, reportedly had a combined bid of $10.5 million dollars trumping Global Baristas’ (Dempsey’s own company) $9.1 million. This would win them the entire chain of 47 Tully’s stores, 25 of which Starbucks is planning to rebrand and turn into part of the global chain. Now, the companies are asking a Seattle Bankruptcy Court judge to look into their claims, which could result in Dempsey eventually surrendering Tully’s to “the green monster”. The hearing was set for this past Friday (January 11th), but there are still no news of the result. According to the Wall Street Journal, one auction loser accused Dempsey of "creating a spectacle" that made it look like his bid was favored. Now, however, his ownership of Tully’s is looking more than a little shaky. And with a giant like Starbucks on his heels, McDreamy better be ready for one long fight.