Patrick Dempsey - star of Grey's Anatomy - has had his $9.15 million bid for Seattle-based Tully's Coffee accepted, beating out hot-drink-giants Starbucks in the process. 

"I think some of the players involved in this deal want to take those jobs away, and you're looking at an economy that's rough to get jobs," Dempsey told ABC's KOMO-TV in Seattle. "I went by one of the stores yesterday and the employees are deeply concerned. That's one thing we care deeply about." Starbucks reportedly offered to buy 13 of Tully's company-owned stores in the area of Puget Sound plus 12 locations within Boeing Co. offices. But Dempsey didn't want it to fall in their hands. "I'm thrilled that we won and I'm even more excited about saving Tully's Coffee and its hundreds of jobs," he said. "Tully's is a great company with committed employees, and with its base in Seattle, one of the world's greatest cities, I'm confident we will be able to successfully build the brand and help grow the economy. "

"We are very encouraged and excited that Patrick Dempsey's commitment to Tully's, to the company, the stores and perhaps most importantly, in keeping the members of Tully's family in place as they are today," Scott Pearson, CEO and President of TC Global, Inc., said in a statement. "This is a big win for Seattle."