Few people knew that Grey's Anatomy dreamboat Patrick Dempsey is also a budding entrepreneur, and (probably) even fewer people knew that the actor uses his superpower-like charm to great effect in his new role as a business magnate - or at least that's what Starbucks claim.

The coffeehouse giants are up in arms over the recent auctioning of bankrupt coffee chain Tully's, which saw Dempsey's investment company, Global Baristas, make the winning bid despite offering a lower bid than they had. The Seattle-based coffee company have said that Dempsey's 'McDreamy' persona helped to win the now-defunct chain's remaining stores, a business technique that they believe should not be stood for. In a statement given after the auction, the actors charm and good looks “may have impeded financing for qualified bidders and creates the appearance that its bid was favored."

Thats quite a bold statement to make, if not a little absurd too, and as such Dempsey himself has hit back at the coffee giants and reiterated that his bid was nothing more than a genuine attempt to save the jobs seemingly lost by Tully's bankruptcy. He told ABC's KOMO-TV in Seattle:"To keep all those jobs in the company intact, that was a big turning point when it was decided that if you break it up, it's not something that's acceptable. I think some of the players involved in this deal want to take those jobs away, and you're looking at an economy that's rough to get jobs. I went by one of the stores yesterday and the employees are deeply concerned. That's one thing we care deeply about."

Is it us or did McDreamy just get a whole lot more irresistible?