Patrick Dempsey found out his wife was pregnant with twins while filming 'Enchanted'.

The 56-year-old star - who has 20-year-old daughter Tulua and 15-year-old twin boys Darby and Sullivan with his wife Jillian Fink - has reflected on his work on the 2007 fantasy comedy, and the fond memories he has from his time on set.

He told Entertainment Tonight: "We found out during the course of the first movie that my wife was pregnant with the twins.

"That was half-way through the shoot. And my daughter was a few years old at the time."

The actor is reprising his role as Robert Philip opposite Amy Adams' Giselle in highly anticipated sequel 'Disenchanted', and he's excited to see how his children respond to the new movie.

He added: "It will be interesting to see what they think. The last time we watched the original movie, they couldn't figure out how I got inside the screen!

"They kept looking at the screen and then looking over at me. That's how young they were."

Patrick previously insisted the film will provide some much-needed "escapism" for fans around the world, and he's excited to get to be part of the whole song and dance after playing the straight man in the original comedy.

He said: "I've been talking to director (Adam Shankman). The story is getting better and better.

"There's a great cast coming together. And the musical numbers, I get to sing and dance.

"To work with everybody again after 14 years is just really exciting. We need some escapism right now. We need those romantic comedies and those musicals to get people out of the doldrums that we're in."

Meanwhile, he previously said he would support his children if they wanted to go into acting.

He explained: “I think with your kids, whatever their passion is, you give your support. You give them the opportunity to try what they want to try.”