Patricia Field say Sarah Jessica Parker "spoke the same language" as her when they worked on 'Sex and the City'.

The 79-year-old costume designer, who is behind Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe on the hit HBO series, found it much "more interesting" working alongside someone he is "innovative in her own way" on set.

Speaking about the 55-year-old actress to Jesse Gre Rubinstein for her series 'Anne Klein: Women Who Do', Patricia said: “We kind of spoke the same language. She was innovative in her own way. I say, if I’m a good tennis player, I want to play with another good tennis player. It makes it more interesting."

Patricia also revealed that Sarah's alter ego's popular oversized studded belt was worn more than once because she's obsessed with belts.

She said: “I love belts. I use them a lot.

“The main thing about a belt is it defines the waist and can be worn over a coat, dress or pant."

More recently, the stylist worked with Lily Collins on Netflix's 'Emily in Paris' and she explained that they met up to get "a feeling" for each other before working together.

She said: "Before we left for Paris, Lily Collins came to my gallery and it was our first meeting and we tried some clothes on, just for me to get a little bit of a feeling and for her to get a feeling of me as well.”

And when asked who her biggest style inspiration is, Patricia chose legendary ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, Cleopatra.

She said: “I’m very inspired by Cleopatra. She’s not in my life, she’s from another time. I recommend everyone to read that book, ‘Cleopatra: A Life.’ Stacy Schiff is the author and it’s so well written.”