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25th August 2015

Quote: "If I were Dame Patricia Clarkson, you'd better bet everyone was gonna (sic) be calling me Dame Patty. He's done something to earn that... and I honour him by calling him Sir Ben. Even when I was naked with him (in Elegy) I said, 'Hello, Sir Ben!'" Actress PATRICIA CLARKSON insists on calling her friend and occasional co-star Sir Ben Kingsley by his full titled name.

7th September 2010

Quote: "I do have a slightly old-fashioned thing. I'm single, I know everyone in my neighborhood, and people know me. I shop every day. I don't keep anything in the fridge except rice milk and Champagne, and I'm not kidding." Actress Patricia Clarkson enjoys a simple, quaint life.

7th September 2010

Quote: "It's cool we've seen her breasts. I mean, they're as fabulous as her acting." Patricia Clarkson is a big fan of Helen Mirren's assets.

30th July 2010

Quote: "Now people want me to be naked and sexy! And I'm like, 'Where was that when everything was up high?!'" Actress Patricia Clarkson, 50, wonders why she never landed racy acting roles when she was young and fit.

5th August 2008

Quote: "I knew I was gonna be naked and I'm not a fool, so I did a few things. I'm a woman in her 40s and I hate exercising, but I went to the gym. I'm naturally thin but I work out a little... I did some butt lifts." Actress Patricia Clarkson on how she prepared for her striptease scene in new film ELEGY.

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