Patricia Arquette likes helping people ''forget their troubles''.

The 'CSI: Cyber' star loves the accessibility of television and enjoys working on syndicated shows, knowing people can see them wherever they are in the world and whatever their circumstances.

She said: ''I really like the idea of network television, which is entertainment for the masses.

''My great grandparents were in vaudeville, which was like network TV. It was five cents per show. I felt that there was a real elitism towards television that I wanted to go against.

''I like the idea of reaching worldwide audiences, I like the idea of being in someone's apartment in Dubai, someone's shack in Mexico.

''I mean, I've done aid work all over the world and it's amazing how many people can watch television. Sometimes they're hungry but they get to watch television. I like to be a part of that momentary forgetting of troubles.''

And the 46-year-old actress loves starring in smaller movies ''for art's sake''.

She said: ''I've always loved doing small art movies really for art's sake and for the project.''

Patricia added she doesn't understand why some actors let their ''ego'' get in the way of good work because it doesn't have a big enough budget.

She told Loaded magazine: ''I've seen a lot of people not work because of their ego about what is proper for them to do with their celebrity status.

''After a while no-one hires them. Little movies don't hire them. No-one hires them.''