Patricia Arquette has not ruled out a facelift as she believes there is still Hollywood pressure to stay looking youthful.

The actress, 54, added there is still a need to “look a certain way” in the film business but she tries to rise above it by focusing on having her own “adventure”.

She admitted to Page Six at the Gotham Awards Gala last week: “This is my own face and if tomorrow I decide to have a facelift, then I’m going to do it.

“Everyone gets to do what they want their own face... but I understand why people feel that pressure... (the look is) this, kind of, eternal ingénue, and you just don’t see it much in the human race. It’s kind of a Hollywood specific look.

“At the end of the day, there’s Hollywood and your relationship with Hollywood as an actor, and then there’s also your own relationship with yourself and the world around you.

“What adventures do you want to have in this life? I feel very happy with where I am right now.”

The Oscar-winning ‘True Romance’ actress, who recently starred in the ‘Severance’ series in which she plays mysterious boss Harmony Cobel, added about her career: “I’ve been playing creepy weird women lately and I have to say it’s really fun.

“This character (in ‘Severance’) is really interesting to me. She’s a real company man in a way.

“She’s indoctrinated by this company and she’s doing all these things for the greater good of the company. We can become indoctrinated to many things.”