Patricia Arquette still feels like she's 23.

The 'Boyhood' star has confessed she has as much energy as she did in her early twenties and only realises she is in fact ''middle-aged'' when she looks in the mirror.

The 47-year-old star said: ''I still feel 23 energetically and I also feel like my whole life's ahead of me. But when I look at myself, I see, 'Oh! You're actually middle-aged. Wow'.''

And while Patricia tries to keep her look natural, she insists she ''reserves the right'' to do anything to she wants with her face and believes she shouldn't be judged on doing so.

She told Britain's Vogue magazine: ''I don't want to do anything with my face but I also reserve the right to do that if I chose to, you know? And without apologies to a million strangers, because even having a conversation about, 'You don't look natural, you did something weird to your face,' we are making it about the way women look. It's none of our f**king business what they look like.''