Patricia Arquette ''digs'' one of her fans who is obsessed with her wearing turtleneck sweaters.

The 'Boyhood' star was deluged with messages from a man who urged her to wear more of the jumpers, but rather than be bothered by his requests she thought it was ''cool'', especially when she discovered he used social media to beg other stars to do the same.

Speaking in the new issue of Loaded magazine - which is out now - she said: ''I had this one fan continually write me. He would say, 'Do you understand how lovely a woman looks in turtlenecks? Have you ever thought about wearing turtlenecks more? Turtlenecks are the most beautiful, attractive thing on a woman. I like how you look, except you're not wearing a turtleneck.'

''It was a series of turtleneck-infused messages, obsessing about turtlenecks. And then when I got Twitter, I looked at his little account and he was writing to other actresses. He was like, 'You would look great in a turtleneck.'

''The turtleneck guy is out there! I kind of dig him. It's kind of cool.''

However, the Oscar-winning actress was less-than-impressed when a number of female celebrities had intimate pictures hacked and put online last year.

Patricia, 46, insists the hack - known as 'The Fappening' - was societal molestation'' and it was wholly wrong for the private photos to be leaked.

She said: ''As an actor, you do spend months away from your partner sometimes, and to maintain a connection with each other you want to share intimacies with your beloved and there's nothing deviant about that.

''The deviant thing is when other people feel they have a right to impose themselves on your private sexuality. And as a community or society that would agree with that concept or blame the victim, that is a deviant behaviour.

''Basically I consider it a societal molestation, when people share other people's sexuality that they didn't give to them.''