Rockers Passion Pit played three Dj sets over the weekend after a thunderstorm wrecked their instruments.

The group was due to headline the North Coast festival in Chicago, Illinois on Friday (30Aug13) but their equipment was ruined when gale-force winds blew away protective tarpaulins.

The enterprising band decided the show must go on, so they performed a Dj set instead - and then repeated their feat at concerts in Edmonton and Calgary, Canada, on Saturday (31Aug13) and Sunday (01Sep13) respectively.

In a statement on their official website, the band writes, "Our gear was completely annihilated by weather. 70mph winds blew tarps and covers off of our equipment, allowing enormous amounts of rain to destroy a large portion of what we now know, as of today, to be approximately 75% of our gear.

"As a touring band that is proud to actually perform electro-pop as opposed to just pressing play, using many keyboards, both analog and digital, this is a nightmare we've had for quite some time. It's almost incredible that it hasn't happened already. Well, it happened, and now we're doing our best to recover."

The band hopes to be back to its full live best in time for a planned performance on David Letterman's chat show in the U.S. on Wednesday (04Sept13).