Review of Chunk Of Change Album by Passion Pit

Review of Passion Pit's EP Chunk Of Change released through Columbia.

Passion Pit Chunk Of Change Album

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Passion Pit were swept up into the collective arms of Frenchkiss Records (home to Les Savy Fav and Ex Models) in the US and quite rightly, they have sent them over here to display their summery wares to an iced-over Blighty.

Chunk of Change is an impassioned half hour blast of pop music. Cool pop music. Not 'buy it in Asda for a fiver' pop music. Soulful pop music. Synthesisers are used with abandon, lyrics make reference to happy families and smiling faces. It's enough to make a misanthropist puke, frankly.

This newly-extended EP nearly missed the boat to the pressing plant and was originally dished out by Passion Pit main-man Michael Angelakos as a gift to friends. Thankfully for the rest of the planet, the record broke free of the circle and Angelakos landed himself in the BBC's Sound of 2009 longlist.

'Cuddle Fuddle' sounds like Bran Van 3000 brought up to date in the Noughties, whilst album closer 'Sleepyhead' is a guaranteed dancefloor populater. This is pure party music and Passion Pit could soon eclipse Justice & Simian Mobile Disco at the front of the festival DJ's record box.

Hayley Avron

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