Review of Let Her Go Single by Passenger

'Dreams come slow'; a defining statement made by Brighton and Hove born folk singer Michael Rosenberg, more commonly known as Passenger, featuring on his latest single, 'Let Her Go'. 

Passenger Let Her Go Single

10 years after forming folk-rock band 'Passenger' and four years after continuing as solo singer/songwriter by the same name, the UK have finally embraced and acknowledged the talent and vocal versatility of Passenger. After playing many open-mic nights in England, Passenger found deserved acknowledgment busking in Australia, making it no surprise that 'Let Her Go' topped the charts there, however few could have predicted it's international success topping the charts in 16 countries. So far! Passenger has finally received the notable success he was working for 10 years prior. 

The instantly distinguishable yet controversial (many have criticised his delivery style in the past) vocals of the 29 year old is complimented by an orchestra of acoustics consisting of guitars, violins, bass and a piano which harmonies with the acoustic guitar, particularly in the simple yet memorable introductory high pitched riff, which is followed by the equally as gracious vocals. Despite the folk influences, don't expect the same lyrical inspiration or moving honesty of Woody Guthrie or Pete Seeger; unfortunately, like the majority of pop songs, the lyrics are repetitive and generic with a simple message relating to love: 'Only know you love her when you let her go', but this is what makes the song so catchy and successful. Despite the slow and simple start, the tempo and amplitude changes, producing a more substantial sound with a simple percussive drum beat suitable for dancing. 

Thanks to the likes of modern acoustic artists such as Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran (who Passenger recently toured with), the demographics of the charts has been broadened making Passenger a contending artist for a future number one. 

7.5 / 10

Harry Hawcroft

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