Review of Heavy - remixes 12" - (Mantra) Single by Parva

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6. Parva Heavy remixes (12" - Mantra)
New signings to Mantra, Parva, release their debut single Heavy. And its a case of trying to keep all sides happy as, alongside the original on limited edition 7, they are also releasing a more DJ friendly 12 package with beat friendly remixes.
Label mates, the King of Woolworths, come up first with a mass of distortion and an overload of the original vocal a vocal which, unfortunately sounds like a bad attempt at being punk there is more to it than simply shouting loud, you know!
Yorkshireman Overseer changes direction completely by entering twisted trance territory, then leaking into a breakbeat monster and then going into something Girlschool would be proud of. Very odd and the perfect solution if you want to give yourself a headache.