Paris Jackson has been awarded a temporary restraining order against a man accused of stalking the star.

The 20 year old singer, model and actress daughter of the late pop star Michael Jackson has won the temporary order against Nicholas Lewis Stevens, after he allegedly subjected Paris to a months-long campaign of disturbing behaviour.

According to TMZ, court documents claim that Stevens frequently visited the recording studio where Jackson was working throughout June, apparently on one occasion waiting for more than 15 hours for her to arrive, and also tweeting out that the two were “soul mates”.

Furthermore, the documents also alleged that when Jackson’s friend confronted the alleged stalker and called police, Stevens told him that “by midnight it will all be over - the way it ends is with her or with a shotgun”, according to testimony from Jackson in court.

Paris JacksonParis Jackson has won a temporary restraining order against an alleged stalker

“What the f*** does it look like I'm doing here? I'm stalking you b***h,” Stevens is also alleged to have said during the encounter.

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As a result, Stevens must stay at least 100 yards away from Jackson at all times and must not make any contact with her until the case reaches its next hearing on July 24th.

It’s been a difficult month for the star, with her grandfather Joe Jackson – the often controversial patriarch responsible for forging the early careers of Michael and Janet, and the manager of The Jackson Five – passing away last week at the age of 89.

“Spending those last few moments with you were everything,” she wrote in tribute on social media. “Being able to tell you everything I needed to tell you before saying goodbye was such a blessing.”

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