Paris Jackson felt she couldn't go into music because she didn't want to be in Michael Jackson's ''shadow''.

The 22-year-old actress and model has recently turned to music but she admitted she felt the ''pressure'' from her famous father.

Speaking about the ''pressures'' she experienced in her father's ''shadow'', she said of her younger years: ''As a teenager, I wouldn't really allow myself to be a musician, if that makes sense. I played guitar and I sang, and I wrote songs from a young age, but it wasn't until I met Gabe that I started calling myself a musician.''

And Paris is excited for people to see what she's been working on.

In a preview of her upcoming Facebook Watch docuseries, 'Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn', she added: ''It feels good to know that people will hear our music and see me as I am. This is the first opportunity I've been able to share my journey in my own way.''

The 'Star' actress and her boyfriend sing together as The Soundflowers, and sources recently said he has been ''super supportive'' of her since they started dating last year.

An insider said: ''He's a musician and they play together in a band. [They've been together] for several months and he is super supportive and understanding about how hard the last few weeks have been for Paris. He's been there for her and they have grown closer through this. He's been a constant in her life and she really needs him right now.''

Meanwhile, Paris announced she was taking a break from her career and social media to work on her mental health, although she dismissed rumours she'd checked into rehab.

She wrote on Instagram at the time: ''the media is exaggerating per usual.. yes i've taken a break from work and social media and my phone because it can be too much sometimes, and everyone deserves a break, but i am happy and healthy and feeling better than ever! gabriel and i have some new music we're stoked to share with y'all! (@thesoundflowers) hope you guys' new year started out with lots of love and light and all the things. i'll be back soon!! xxox (sic)''