Paris Hilton says her life was changed by a visit to an Indian orphanage.

The 34-year-old DJ-and-socialite made a decision to visit a group of AIDS-infected children at a home when she went to the Asian country and what she saw inspired her to make it part of her life's work to help disadvantaged kids.

In an interview with New You magazine, she said: ''There's this one orphanage in India where all the children there were left there because their parents all died of AIDS and the children had it as well. They were all in there, just so sick. It just broke my heart to see all these children left there with no families, with nothing. Even the people in the town were treating them in a bad way because of it. It just broke my heart.''

Since that visit, Paris made a vow to visit orphanages in every country she goes to and always spoils the children with toys and gifts.

Recalling that life altering day in India, she added: ''I brought them all (children in orphanages) toys and art projects and they were saying, 'This is so sweet, no one ever visits them and people are scared to hang out with them.' That just made me so hurt inside that these poor children, who are literally dying, are being treated like outcasts. That is just something that really stuck with me and I always think about.''

When asked what her plan is for the future, Paris admitted she wants to use her fame to help orphans all over the globe.

She said: ''I know that I have a voice to help those who don't (have a voice), and I'm really going to dedicate my life a lot to that in the upcoming years ... I have worked very hard and I have a really big heart.''