Paris Hilton plans to "share her story with the world" in her upcoming memoir.

The 41-year-old star has promised to explore the ups and downs of her life with "courage, honesty and humour" in 'Paris: The Memoir'.

A description of the memoir reads: "Paris Hilton is ready to take stock, place it all in context, and share her story with the world.

"Separating the creation from the creator, the brand from the ambassador, 'Paris: The Memoir' strips away all we thought we knew about a celebrity icon, taking us back to a privileged childhood lived through the lens of undiagnosed ADHD and teenage rebellion that triggered a panicked - and perilous - decision by her parents to send her away."

Paris - who is a great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels - will also explore her "journey through pre-#METOO sexual politics with grace, dignity and just the right amount of sass".

Meanwhile, Paris recently revealed that she was "always planning" to wait until 2023 to start a family.

The socialite insisted she and Carter Reum - who she wed in November 2021 - had always planned to enjoy their first year of marriage before going ahead with their plans to have a baby, and she's confident she'll be able to do so next year as fertility treatment has ensured they have "lots of healthy embryos".

Paris wrote on her Instagram Story: "I’m getting tons of messages of people asking me when I’m having a baby.

"My husband and I always wanted to enjoy our first year of marriage together as a couple and we we’re always planning on starting our family in 2023.

"IVF is always a journey for everyone but we're so fortunate that we have lots of healthy embryos ready and waiting to be part of our Cutesy Crew. (sic)"