Paris Hilton has let her fans stay at her house.

The 39-year-old star regards her loyal supporters as her younger siblings and always makes sure there are some of them around, wherever she's working in the world.

She said: ''I consider my fans my little brothers and sisters.

''They call themselves the Little Hiltons.

''The relationship we have is so amazing. I've actually had some of them come and stay.

''Anywhere I go around the world, I make sure they're there because it gets a little lonely just travelling and being by myself.

''It's nice to have people around me who love me for being me and have no bad intentions.

''It's just all about true love.''

The former 'Simple Life' star is grateful for social media as it's brought her even closer to her ''family'' of fans.

She added to New! magazine: ''And now with social media, I can stay in contact with them, get advice from them and really get to know them. ''We're like a family.''

When she does have to travel for work, Paris likes to cram in as many appointments as possible.

She explained: ''I really love to optimise my time.

''Any time I'm travelling around the world, I don't just want to do one thing, so I basically pack in a week or more of work into two days - anything from appearances to photo shoots, interviews, meetings, and looking at different real estate properties. I'm also doing charity work.

''Then at night I get to perform at whatever is the best music festival, club, or whatever is happening. I love music and I love to entertain.''