Paris Hilton may owe $160,000 after her film flopped.

The socialite - who was sued by producers for failing to adequately promote 2006 comedy 'NATIONAL LAMPOON's Pledge This!' - was told she was not at fault for the movie's commercial failure, but has now been warned she may have to pay damages to the project's investors.

District Judge Federico Moreno ruled in Miami, Florida on Thursday (02.09.10) that the 29-year-old star breached her contract when she refused interviews with publications in Russia and the United Kingdom.

The judge said that the heiress could be liable for a payout to producers Worldwide Entertainment Group Inc. after valuing the lost promotional opportunities at around $160,000, though he will not finalise the amount until seeing further information on the terms of her contract.

The investors initially wanted $8.3 million.

In his original ruling in August 2009, the judge stated that although Paris was not at fault for the flop as the movie was "hardly destined for critical acclaim", she could have to return a portion of the $1 million fee she was paid for starring in the film.

It had been reported that Paris - who played a college sorority president in the film - became disillusioned and distanced herself from the movie when extra scenes of nudity were added.

This is the latest legal problem for Paris, who is facing up to four years in prison after she was charged with possession of a controlled substance following her arrest in Las Vegas last Friday (27.08.10).