Paramore singer Hayley Williams has been begging SZA to collaborate with her.

The 'This Is Why' hitmaker has been a fan of the 'Kill Bill' hitmaker for a long time and joked that she is texting her "weekly" about hooking up on a track.

Asked on the 'Black People Love Paramore' podcast which Black artists she'd like to work with, Hayley replied: “It’s been SZA for a long time, because I love her voice.

“But also — ah man, there’s too many, to be honest with you."

Hayley feels artists of different genres haven't approached her band for collaborations because of the hardcore emo scene they were part of.

She continued: “I was saying recently to someone, because we grew up in the scene we grew up in, I rarely get asked to do features for things that I feel like really get down to my core.

“So I’m still keeping my eye out for whether that be new artists, or maybe it’s older, established artists — but probably people who do groovier s***; something that I can sink down into a little bit, instead of having to just be, I guess, the ‘Misery Business’ version of myself.”

She added of the 'Good Days’ hitmaker: “SZA has, for about six years now, been the one. I’m sending the text weekly at this point.

“I think ‘Garden’ is my favourite song by SZA.

“But also, all of her records, they’re records you can put on and [have] no skips for me.”

It's no secret that SZA is a fan of Hayley with both their fanbases wanting them to record a duet together.

Last year, SZA hinted at a future collaboration with the ‘Still Into You’ hitmaker.

Quizzed on when she'll be jumping on a track with the alternative star on Twitter, she suggested it wasn't out of the question as they are in touch often.

She replied: “I talk to her more than you’d think lol.”