Paramore find it ''weird'' to have made it so far into their career.

The trio are gearing up for the release of their fifth album, 'After Laughter', and Hayley Williams admits it is bizarre to think the group formed 10 years ago as she still feels really ''green''.

She said: ''It's weird. I still feel like we're really green, especially with this record. It felt like there were so many new things to try and so many new feelings about life - you're finally all the way over the hump of being able to deny that you're an adult now. Yeah, this was a crazy record to make.''

Paramore have had a tumultuous few years that has seen in-fighting, public criticisms and accusations of being controlling which Hayley faced on the departures of guitarist Josh Farro, her ex-boyfriend, and his brother, drummer Zac - who has since rejoined - in 2010, as well as bassist Jeremy Davis leaving two years ago and launching a lawsuit against her and guitarist Taylor York.

And the 28-year-old singer admitted she doesn't understand why people would assume success means their lives are not ''hard'', but she has learned not to feel like she constantly has to ''perform'', whether she's on stage or not.

She told DIY magazine: ''We went through enough s**t, man. It's not a selling point; life can be so hard. It's funny to think that there's anybody in the world that would look at us and think that our lives aren't really hard just because we played Wembley or something. That's cool but we still go home at the end of the tour.

''We've been playing shows for years and have been around so many people and parts of the world, and you just reach a certain point where you're like, 'I'm done.' We don't ever wanna be rude or unprofessional, but we're just people.

''If we're all faking it or being phoney, when do we ever get to connect? I don't want to live in that mindset anymore, where I have to perform, not on stage but, as a human. It's just tiring!''