Paramore rocker Hayley Williams was devastated by the leak of a topless photo online, branding the moment a "huge low" point in her life.

The singer was stunned in 2010 when a snap of her lying on a bed and baring her breasts was published on the Internet after cyber-crooks hacked into her cell phone and accessed the image.

At the time of the scandal, Williams brushed it off by joking she was doing laundry in the shot and insisting she would "keep my head up high" despite the embarrassment.

However, Williams has now confessed she was heartbroken by the leak on, telling rock magazine Q, "Yes, the Twitter picture was a huge low. It sucked. I don't know if it was the worst day of my life, but it was pretty terrible. I feel like I was able to rise above it and ignore it, especially at the time... I mean, what do you do or say after something like that happens?"