For people on the outside looking in, Papa Roach could be perceived as a one hit wonder, however this is far from the truth. The nu metal superstars from the turn of the century may have fallen away from mainstream radio airplay in recent years, but they have continued to produce a number of records under the radar. With Papa Roach's breakthrough record 'Infest' turning 20 years old this year, it seems fitting to analyse and rank all of their albums to date, from worst to best.

Papa Roach at Knotfest 2019 / Photo Credit: Eyepix/SIPA USA/PA ImagesPapa Roach at Knotfest 2019 / Photo Credit: Eyepix/SIPA USA/PA Images

10. Who Do You Trust?

Released in 2019, 'Who Do You Trust?' is Papa Roach's most recent album and also proved to be among their most divisive. 

Including songs such as 'Elevate', 'Renegade Music' and 'Come Around', the band's tenth record tore their fanbase into two distinct groups; the old school rock fans and the new generation of pop followers. This heavily produced and mellow approach from Papa Roach is the result of their gradual move away from rock music over the two or three records which preceded it. 

However, 'Who Do You Trust?' did not have the polarising and engaging outcome the band had hoped for on all fronts. Some songs were seen as soulless and made it seem like the band had lost their edge. All-in-all, this is a rather average record. 

9. Old Friends From Young Years

Contrary to popular belief, 'Infest' was not Papa Roach's debut record. Instead, it was the long forgotten 1997 release, 'Old Friends From Young Years'. Papa Roach released this on their own record label named Onion Farm Records before they scored their first big record deal. 

It's immediately clear that this record is made by musicians on a limited budget with the raw production quality and unpolished atmosphere. Musically, this is a decent release with a few great tracks, but overall it lacks the fluency and future impact the band adopted with their peak days in the early 2000s. 

8. F.E.A.R

Arguably, 'F.E.A.R' is one of Papa Roach's least successful records from a commercial standpoint, having sold less than 25,000 copies in the United States. Despite this, it still managed to break into the Billboard 200 chart, peaking at number 15.  

Released in 2015, 'F.E.A.R' was the last Papa Roach album that didn't rely on pop as a central influence and instead focused more around alternative rock. Songs such as the title track embraced subtle modernised elements in the production technique but remained true to rock for the most part. Other songs such as 'Never Have to Say Goodbye' and 'Love Me Till It Hurts' went the opposite direction and hinted at the future path the band were destined to take. 

7. Crooked Teeth

As the band's ninth studio record, this was a pop rock release destined for huge amounts of rock radio airplay. It had infectious hooks and a memorable tempo in the majority of the songs. Commercially, this album was a huge success but continued Papa Roach's gradual turn away from rock music.

Singles such as 'Help' and 'Periscope' boosted the success of the record and the modern reputation of Papa Roach tremendously. The song 'Born for Greatness' even featured as the opening theme for WWE Raw for the tail end of 2017. Other tunes such as 'Traumatic' teased the band's old school energy, while other songs like 'Sunrise Trailer Park' featuring Machine Gun Kelly moved the band in a completely new direction.

6. Metamorphosis

The band who created 'Who Do You Trust?' seem like totally different people compared to the ones that made 'Metamorphosis', yet in some ways this represents the huge range in Papa Roach's material. 

Not only is this record capitalised by some of Papa Roach's most popular singles such as 'I Almost Told You That I Loved You', but it also hosts a handful of their more underrated tunes such as 'Into the Light' and 'State of Emergency'. Overall, this 2009 album received mixed critical feedback but the fanbase seemed more than happy with the alternative rock and apparent 'glam metal' tunes that came from this. 

5. The Connection

Potentially the most underrated record in Papa Roach's entire discography, 'The Connection' saw them embrace an electronic sound for the first time. Released in 2012, 'The Connection' followed on from 'Metamorphosis' and embodied the changing tides in Papa Roach's sound. 

As the first album that saw the modernisation of Papa Roach in many respects, 'The Connection' was a sign of things to come as Papa Roach gradually embraced a more pop orientated sound over the following records. Not only is this album underrated in general, but it also includes some of Papa Roach's most underrated tunes such as 'Still Swingin', 'Not That Beautiful' and 'Breathe You In'.

4. Getting Away With Murder

In 2004, Papa Roach stepped away from the umbrella of nu metal for the first time and moved towards an alternative rock focused style. According to the band, when the record label heard the lead single for the first time they hated it and said Papa Roach were 'finished'. Despite this initial dismissal, 'Getting Away With Murder' went on to sell over two million copies, earning platinum certification in the United States.

On top of featuring the hit single 'Getting Away With Murder', this record also featured 'Harder Than a Coffin Nail', 'Tyranny of Normality' and the classic '00s rock ballad, 'Scars'.

3. Lovehatetragedy

Following on from Papa Roach's breakthrough record 'Infest', 'Lovehatetragedy' was released in 2002 to large critical acclaim. The nu metal trend in mainstream rock was rapidly dying out by the time 2002 came around, but Papa Roach managed to get this album on shelves just before the sub-genre's boom period died out entirely. 

Featuring the singles 'She Loves Me Not' and 'Time and Time Again', the third full-length record from Papa Roach is one of the heavier releases in their discography. This album also includes what is arguably the most underrated song ever to appear under Papa Roach's name, 'Singular Indestructible Droid'. 

2. Infest

The breakthrough record for Papa Roach and an essential record for any nu metal fan, 'Infest' is an enduring rock record that refuses to go away. Released in 2000, 'Infest' came out at the peak of nu metal's popularity alongside huge records such as 'Hybrid Theory' by Linkin Park, 'L.D. 50' by Mudvayne and 'White Pony' by Deftones. 

The most memorable songs from this record are of course the collosal nu metal hits 'Last Resort' and 'Between Angels and Insects', but it also included other overlooked tunes such as 'Dead Cell', 'Blood Brothers' and 'Broken Home'.   

1. The Paramour Sessions

Despite the success of records such as 'Infest' and 'Getting Away With Murder', there was only ever going to be one winner for this list. Released in 2006, 'The Paramour Sessions' is a goldmine of great alternative rock songs and doesn't feature a single disappointing tune throughout. 

Recorded at Paramour Mansion in Hollywood, this album is capitalised by huge singles such as 'Forever', Time is Running Out' and '...To Be Loved' (which featured as the entrance theme for WWE Raw from 2006-2009). If 'Singular Indestructible Droid' is in the running to be Papa Roach's most underrated song, then 'My Heart is a Fist' is surely in contention too, as it is certainly the strongest song from this fantastic album.