Review of The Paramour Sessions Album by Papa Roach

Papa Roach
The Paramour Sessions
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Papa Roach The Paramour Sessions Album

Papa Roach seemed to be one of the key bands who were in the wrong place at the wrong time when it came to the nu-metal / rapcore backlash. Far from letting this stop them, they rode on, and now return again with new album The Paramour Sessions.

The band manage to create a mature sound that is thankfully at odds with their rather ridiculous image. This album is chock full of hooky anthems, melodic riffs, and more traditional sounds rock numbers. The lyrics rely less on the teenage angst than in the past too.

Sadly these days, any streak of innovation that Papa Roach may have had in the past seems to have disappeared. Many of the songs sound generic and dated. They appear to be trying to keep up with the inexorable rise of the Metalcore youth, and sadly, they're not managing it. In a world of Triviums and Avenged Sevenfolds, Papa Roach are last year's model.

Richard Edge

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