Paolo Nutini gets irritated by airport security and baggage restrictions when he's on tour.

The 'Let Me Down Easy' singer, who often tours the globe and spends hours in airports, admits it angers him that he can't take certain things in his hand luggage and there are limits to what he can take on the plane.

He said: ''Christ, the amount of time I spend in f***ing airports with plastic f***ing bags. 100ml, f**k off!

''I brought back this stuff for my sister, products, they cost a fortune, I forget about them and this guy lifted them out of my hand baggage, 'Aha, 150 mil!' And they were in the f***ing wrapper. I bet he took them home for his missus and got himself a nice wee night out of that. I had to buy them again!''

The star claims the quote that defines us is, ''Unattended baggage will be destroyed.''

He seethed: ''Even if I was that f***ed up that I wanted to blow up a plane, do you think I'd put myself on the f***ing thing? Come on! And the ****s stand there with their false sense of authority tasting my f***ing toothpaste?''

Despite being annoyed by airport security and baggage rules, one thing that doesn't irritate Paolo is having to pay his taxes.

He explained to Q magazine: ''The best thing you can do is pay your taxes. People paying their taxes helped my grandmother stay a part of my life. She had various cancers, if it wasn't for the NHS I wouldn't be able to sit with her and watch Bradley Walsh on 'The Chase', one of my favourite things I can do. I've never had a problem with paying my taxes.''