Review of These Streets Album by Paolo Nutini

Paolo Nutini
These Streets
(31/05/06, Atlantic Records. Free Download)

Paolo Nutini These Streets Album

Paisley's hybrid of Stephen Fretwell and Van Morrison provides a free downloadable snippet of his yearning, poetic verse and strolling instrumental range. This weaving offering colourfully, yet with a hint of melancholy, displays Nutini's way of coming to terms with the volte face of moving to London;

"These streets have too many names for me,
I'm used to Glenfield Road and spending my time down in Oakie."

At the age of 19, you would not expect hardy nostalgia to be as prevalent as it is in this flash of Nutini's grace. This offering could provide momentum for this reflective Scot to rise up alongside Willy Mason and elevate the plight of the thinking lad in music.

David Adair


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