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Posted 11 years 10 months ago by hillauren

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Visit Youtube right nowto watch Panic!'s new video for Ready to Go!

Posted 11 years 10 months ago by Savannah Urie

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How would you like to be a part of a good cause and win a guitar signed by PANIC AT THE DISCO? WAR CHILD CANADA has a brand new Fender Squier Bullet Strat freshly inked by PANIC AT THE DISCO and it's up for auction right now on ebay. GO TO and look for the auction in our news section.

Posted 14 years 4 months ago by WAR CHILD CANADA



Posted 15 years 5 days ago by Michael Imperfection

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Panic at The disco are headlining the Honda Civic Tour this year. That should be a crazy show.

Posted 15 years 1 month ago by PhilS272

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heya u guys u guys r the best band in a long time wit ur good friends fall out boy they rock 2 xx love u guys xx what genre r u guys neway punk, emo, not deathmetal neway xx love u always dollie rawker

Posted 15 years 1 month ago by dollie rawker

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HEY!!!!!=]i love your band!there grate!can i have your sn?my friend hase it and now i want it!

Posted 16 years 1 month ago by oxoalyssa8xo

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I have an extra ticket for Panic! It's in Salt Lake at the E Center on Nov 29. It's $40 bucks so if you want it, email me at [email protected] I need to get rid of it!

Posted 16 years 4 months ago by littledippr86

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OMG p!atd is the best band yet.I will never get over this band ever.The beats mix with pop beats so it sounds so cool.Love the lyrics.Love the band.Love everything.

Posted 16 years 4 months ago by Panic lover94

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omg panic! is lyke da best band ever!!!!i lurv brendon hes soooo hot!!! i luv dere song time to dance an but its better if you do and i write not tragedies dey r da best!!!! dere mah frnds on myspace!!!

Posted 16 years 4 months ago by p!atd_luva_gurl

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Panic! Rocks!!!!! I love especially: There's a good reason that these tables are numbered honey, you just haven't found it yet!!I found about them thnx 2 the vma's when they performed. (Congrats on their award!!)Panic! At the Disco rock!

Posted 16 years 5 months ago by Rmanathethird

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hey i think ryan is a total hottie i luve him i think he is the hottest guy ever so is brendan but not as much as ryan yah well good luck at the VMA's

Posted 16 years 7 months ago by i luvyouguysrock:)

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Thanks to the internet and mp3 player technology and the free mp3 sites, cause i can't buy The panic! here in China ,even in Shanghai. But i can listen the panic! ,you bring me back to the sex swing drink and flag machine era. go on your own way i'll be the one behind you guys. cheer!

Posted 16 years 8 months ago by lovelush

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P!ATD rocksi recently saw them in concert and it was wickedbest live show everand they covered my fave song by was the best surprise everDON'T GET TOO FAMOUS GUYS! IT CHANGES PEOPLE AND WE LIKE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!mad props on the show boysss!everyone should check out their tour footageyou'll be blown away

Posted 16 years 8 months ago by methodtothemadness

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i absolutly love panic! i just cant get enough of them.

Posted 16 years 9 months ago by thunder_rises

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if anyone needs 1 ticket to the Panic! concert 6/28/06 at the Nokia theater in New York City. I have one to sell. cheap price $45.00!!! email me @ [email protected]!!!

Posted 16 years 10 months ago by leah

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The guys from this band are the most pretentious human beings i've come across since living around Parisiens. Come on girls, the band’s name features an exclamation! point in the middle. The song titles are lengthy attempts at creativity: “London Beckoned Songs About Money Written by Machines”, “Build God, Then We’ll Talk”. WHO CREATES A SONG TITLE 14 LINES LONG???I accept that girls such as yourself go for pretty boys dressed up in suits, but speaking on behalf of the male population in the uk, their appaling image is just the tip of the iceberg of why they are doomed to fail before 2007 hits us. In my eyes, they already have failed, yet to my astonishment they were mentionned as the hottest new tallent whilst i was away from the country for 7 months. Whoever said that needs their ears tuned. Let's just say there will be panic for the dj if he ever plays this at the disco - everyone will want to cut his balls off.

Posted 16 years 10 months ago by edmerch

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ANYONE, if you have a ticket for the la zona rosa show in austin,tx on june 18th for sale. PLEASE inform me at once.pleeeaaaaseeeee.send me a message

Posted 16 years 10 months ago by shelovesmae

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hiya i think panic! is the best band ever they will go way far cause they are amazin and brendon is well fit:P lol i hope they keep making albums cause they are just the best ever love panic!s #1 fan..hannah XxX

Posted 16 years 11 months ago by hannah-xo

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Yer, i understand people not wanting Panic to become sellouts, but they're a great band. If they keep producing great music, and become famous for it, surely they deserve their fame and fortune? And if they become big and forget about their originalk fans that have always been there, then they're not the band i think they are and dont deserve to have such great fans. xoxo

Posted 17 years 2 weeks ago by *Lady Of Sorrows*

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Panic! at the Disco effing rox. It's so awesome and I agree with you guys Brendon is a hella hotty and I dont want them to get really big cuz then Much Music will get all over them. Panic! at the Disco is the f**king best band in the worldBoydy

Posted 17 years 1 month ago by Boydy<3

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I love Panic! they have to be the best band ever. The album kick ass!!!!!You guys have to admit that Brendo n is HOT!!!!panic! all the way

Posted 17 years 1 month ago by p!atd-rule

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Heyi recently got a photopass at panic's glasgow can check out my pictures

Posted 17 years 1 month ago by brandonsbongos

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I love Panic! I'm so glad that I found this site to learn more about them! And I am LOVEING the music video... makes me want to dance...Panic! forever!~Megan Michelle

Posted 17 years 1 month ago by Megan Michelle

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