When 01.08.2012

'Baywatch' babe Pamela Anderson is interviewed at the Andalo Midsummer Night party in Hamburg, Germany. She talks about having fun in St Tropez and the misinterpretation of her lifestyle as being party-heavy. 'I think I've gone out maybe four times in the last year', she said. 'I'm home most of the time with my dogs and my kids.' On being asked if becoming a mother was what made her cut down on the partying, she says that she's always been able to balance her work and personal life.

She also reveals that her children know little about her Playboy-posing past. 'They know that daddy's a rockstar and mommy rescues animals', she said. The environment and animal-rights humanitarian also believes human beings are 'endangered' and 'we all have to protect our world.'


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