Pamela Anderson's short hair improved her love life.

The former 'Baywatch' babe - who married poker player Rick Salomon for the second time earlier this year - unveiled a short cropped pixie hairstyle last year and says it has remarkably changed her life for the better in some surprising ways.

She told French magazine Purple: ''This haircut convinced a lot more people. It has struck a chord. It amazes me - even in love - how it's changed everything and encouraged real soul connections, less superficiality.

''I told Paul Desmarre of Christophe Salon Beverly Hills to come to my house later and cut it. Three hours later and voila!

''Not to get too personal, but it really helped me get out of a 'situation' that was not right, no matter how hard I wanted to believe otherwise.

''My family and dearest friends didn't bat an eye. I'm surprised we're even talking about this and at all the attention it's generated. I'm grateful, though; the response has been shockingly positive.''

The 46-year-old star appears naked in a set of arty photos for the magazine and admits she is still a show off on camera, years after stripping off for Playboy for several cover shoots.

She added: ''I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, and I like having the pictures taken. But seeing these was really something different, something we did. It's like a launching pad for what I'll do now.

''While looking at the pictures I was thinking to myself, is that really me? I mean you don't take a bad picture -- people always look their best in your pictures. It still was a shock to see how strong I look.''