Pamela Anderson thinks ''progressive'' society can be ''paralysing'' for men.

The 52-year-old actress - who married movie mogul Jon Peters earlier this month - wants to be ''treated as a woman'' and insisted equality doesn't mean that men have to be ''feminised''.

Asked how a man can win her over, she said: ''Show me something new. Every person is a journey into the unknown.

''It's about trust in the wildness - sometimes this takes patience, confidence and looking at the big picture.

''But I think it goes both ways. I lose interest easily - I want a man to teach me.

''I want to be treated as a woman. That's a slippery slope these days - it's hard for men to know what they 'can' do and it's a bit paralysing in this progressive movement.

''But equality doesn't mean feminisation - just be a man, be sensitive, be strong, be wise and just be kind.''

The former 'Baywatch' star - who has sons Brandon 23, and Dylan, 22, with ex-husband Tommy Lee - is fascinated by male psychology and reads a lot on the subject.

She told Australia's Maxim magazine: ''I'm still learning but I love books like 'Iron John'. I have boys, so male psychology is an interest and I study it a lot.''

And the blonde beauty warned about the importance of being ''careful'' when around people in positions of power.

Asked her thoughts on the #MeToo movement, she said: ''I think we need to take action when we are uncomfortable and be careful when dealing with people in power - to be safe. And it's our job to teach our children respect with respect.''