Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon have not only decided to get back together since the 2008 annulment of their first marriage, but the two have taken the plunge and married for a second time. The former Baywatch actress and Salomon had managed to keep it quiet regarding the seriousness of their reconciliation until now, and she has so far kept the details of her marriage a secret too.

PAmela Anderson Help Haiti
Pammy gladly showed off her sparkling new ring at the gala

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During Sean Penn's Help Haiti Gala in Los Angeles this Saturday (11 Jan.) Pammy was spotted negotiating herself through the aisles of famous faces at the celebrity bash whilst wearing a great big diamond on her wedding ring. When asked by an E! News representative whether the ring was from Salomon and if they had remarried, she said "yes," and that she and her new husband are "very happy" together. She added. "Our families are very happy and that's all that matters."

Their reconciliation was a complete secret, with Pammy admitting back in 2013 that she and Rick had gotten back together as "best friends… with benefits" whilst appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in October last year. The animal rights activist went on to say that she did not "want to meet anyone else" at that time, but still gave no real indication that she and Rick might be ready to tie the knot again.

Pamela AndersonRick Salomon
Pam and Salomon have quite a history together already

With a tendency to go back to her former flames time after time, the three-time married star has twice reconciled with rocker Tommy Lee since their initial 1998 divorce and married Kid Rock in 2006 following the end of a two year relationship in 2003.

Pam and Rick were first married in a quickie Las Vegas ceremony on October 6, 2007, separating less than ten weeks later and with Anderson filing for divorce on 14 December. Two days following this, the pair were spotted hand in hand shopping together, however the marriage still officially came to an end when it was annulled in March 2008. The pair are believed to have stayed close throughout the time between their first divorce and their re-marriage.

Congratulations to the both of them!

Rick Salomon Pam Anderson
How long will it last this time?