Paloma Faith’s rendition of Rugby World Cup theme ‘World In Union’ has annoyed ITV viewers so much that a petition has been launched pleading with the channel to remove her version of the song. Some have called Faith’s version ‘tone deaf’, while others say it’s ‘truly awful’ and now over 7,000 people have signed the online petition.

Paloma FaithThere’s a petition to remove Paloma Fait’s version of ‘World in Union’.

The petition on reads, ‘Already sick of Paloma Faith's awful rendition of "World In Union"? Worried that it might ruin your Rugby World Cup? Then sign this petition and let ITV know your thoughts!’

‘We, the undersigned, request that you, ITV, remove Paloma Faith from the Rugby World Cup in order to make it a more enjoyable experience for all spectators.’ At the time of writing the petition had collected over 7,200 supporters, with many voicing their dislike of Faith’s rendition.

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‘That voice is most possibly the single most annoying sound I've ever heard, it's worse than the sound a baby makes when it screams, non stop, for a 12 hour fight,’ wrote James Wright. "It's awful, it really spoils the song and it's irritating in between the advert breaks. It actually makes me not want to watch the rugby,” Elizabeth Tremble from London added.

“Paloma Faith has butchered World in Union. Having to listen to this dirge every time a match comes on is ruining my experience of the Rugby World Cup. Please, please stop using her version of this classic rugby anthem as it is like having your ears grated with a cheese grater being forced to listen to it,” said Maureen Crothers, from Lisburn.

Even those who usually enjoy Paloma’s music are finding her take on ‘World In Union’ not to be her finest hour. "Although I think she's great she is actually murdering that song,” Gail Kane from Scarcroft, said. “It is awful. Truly awful. And I like Paloma Faith…,” added James Byrne from London.

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But Paloma doesn't seem too bothered by the criticism of the song, instead feeling that viewers are just hearing it too much, "Some people are slating it, I feel like they don't like change, but I don't mind,” Faith said. "I mean I'm quite pleased with it, so that's all that matters really. I think they don't like it because it's being played too much.”

Each year a different singer covers the song for the World Cup and it has been used as the tournament's anthem since 1991. The first person to record it was Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and since then it has been tackled by singers including Dame Shirley Bassey and Bryn Terfel. ITV are yet to comment on the petition to remove Faith’s version.