Paloma Faith wishes she had slept around more before settling down.

The 38-year-old singer has been with her partner, French artist Leyman Lahcine, for the past seven years but admitted she regrets not having sex with more people when she was single.

Speaking on Instagram Live, Paloma - who welcomed her first child with Leyman in 2016 - said: ''I wish I'd had more now. Do you want to know my number? It's rubbish, 12.''

Paloma also revealed she is hugely jealous of 32-year-old singer/songwriter Adele and it has become worse since Adele dropped a whopping seven stone.

She said: ''I think I'm always a bit jealous of Adele. I was never like, 'Look at my bod'. I was never like that but now I'm like, 'Oh my God, she's so beautiful'.

''And like, she doesn't have to work again. I have to work. I have to keep working. I love her. It's not like a horrible, 'I wish she would die', jealousy. It's just like, 'Aw it would be so great to be like her and have the choice to not work again'.''

Meanwhile, Paloma recently revealed she loves to ''snog hunky, hot guys'' in her music videos.

She explained: ''I don't have dancers that often, but when I do I find them really hot. And when I've done videos and stuff with guys I always fancy the guy. I just have the best job ever because I'm allowed to snog hunky, hot guys.

''The problem is you're not meant to use tongues because it then becomes intimate. So you have to pretend and not use tongues. If you stick a tongue in they know.''

And Paloma joked that whilst her boyfriend ''hates'' seeing her kiss other men, he ''can't attack'' her for it because she's only acting for the sake of the music video.

She added: ''What's really great is that my partner hates it but then I go, 'Babe it's my job, you can't attack me for something that's my job'. And he's like, 'But it looked so real', and I say, 'Well I'm such a great actress, I didn't feel anything'.''