Paloma Faith thinks her new album will make the listener feel both shocked and liberated.

The 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This' hitmaker has promised that nothing is off limits when it comes to her upcoming LP 'Infinite Things', which will deal with becoming a mother and her own relationship with long-term boyfriend Leyman Lahcine.

She told Overdue magazine: "My USP is the fact that I am brutally honest.

"Some people find it shocking and some people find it liberating. And I feel like this album will do both of those things."

Paloma - who is expecting a second child with her partner , with whom she already has a three-year-old daughter - admitted some lyrics even paint her relationship as "unbearable" at times, while she also doesn't shy away from lyrics about motherhood which aren't necessarily "sentimental".

She explained: "There are songs where I talk about how unbearable it is to be with my partner but I will still stay with him and there are songs where I talk about my child and I say things that aren’t sentimental.

“I wrote the lyrics, ‘All the joy and all the chaos I see in your eyes that life brings, those infinite things’, because being a mother isn’t just idyllic and perfect, you sacrifice a lot.”

Paloma will drop her new album on November 13.

She learnt to engineer her own music in lockdown, and she'd actually penned the record before deciding to scrap the songs and start over again.

Commenting on taking risks, she previously said: "I think my voice sounds better, and that’s a combination of producing the vocals myself, and also the lack of inhibition.

“When you’re alone you take more risks, because you can delete it.

"Whereas when you’re in the studio with an engineer you’re scared to, because they never delete anything – even when you ask.”