Paloma Faith loves to ''snog hunky, hot guys'' in her music videos.

The 30-year-old singer - who is in a relationship with Leyman Lahcine - has said she loves being a musician because it means that whenever she makes a music video for a new song, she sometimes gets to lock lips with the actor who stars alongside her.

She said: ''I don't have dancers that often, but when I do I find them really hot. And when I've done videos and stuff with guys I always fancy the guy. I just have the best job ever because I'm allowed to snog hunky, hot guys.

''The problem is you're not meant to use tongues because it then becomes intimate. So you have to pretend and not use tongues. If you stick a tongue in they know.''

And Paloma joked that whilst her boyfriend ''hates'' seeing her kiss other men, she insists he ''can't attack'' her for it because she's only acting for the sake of the music video.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, she added: ''What's really great is that my partner hates it but then I go, 'Babe it's my job, you can't attack me for something that's my job'. And he's like, 'But it looked so real', and I say, 'Well I'm such a great actress, I didn't feel anything'.''

Despite enjoying her on-screen kisses, the 'Mistakes' singer is happy in her romance with Leyman, with whom she welcomed her first child in 2016.

Paloma has even considered having a second child, but has admitted it's ''not looking great for another one right now'' because of the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: ''I feel like, with this whole Covid thing, a lot of us that have done IVF, me included, probably aren't  ...  It's not looking great for another one right now.''

Paloma also discussed why she hasn't yet married her boyfriend, despite them being together for seven years.

She explained: ''I was married once when I was very young. It lasted not very long because I hated being married.

''Yes, it was the factor that the guy wasn't the right guy, but I actually remember hating being married with a passion so I don't want to ever do that again.''