Paloma Faith is unsure whether she'll be able to have another baby.

The 38-year-old singer is keen to expand her family - but Paloma has admitted that it's ''not looking great for another one right now''.

The music star - who gave birth to her first child with long-term boyfriend Leyman Lahcine in December 2016 - told a pal via Instagram Live: ''I feel like, with this whole Covid thing, a lot of us that have done IVF, me included, probably aren't  ...  It's not looking great for another one right now.''

Paloma also discussed why she hasn't yet married her boyfriend, despite them being together for seven years.

She said: ''I was married once when I was very young. It lasted not very long because I hated being married.

''Yes, it was the factor that the guy wasn't the right guy, but I actually remember hating being married with a passion so I don't want to ever do that again.''

Paloma previously admitted to experiencing moments of ''hating'' her partner after they had a child together.

The singer insists Leyman is the ''love of her life'' - but after their baby was born in 2016, they had to spend more time working through their relationship issues.

Paloma said: ''It's quite scary, that bit. I found it quite hard.

''I definitely had a baby with the love of my life. I just felt like we were impenetrable and infallible, and then you have this child and then you're like, 'Oh my god, I'm having feelings about this man that I never thought I'd have like, I hate you'.

''You can't just do what you'd have done in your youth, which is like, 'Oh go away, I'm going to end it', you have to stay there ... you work though it and somehow you come out of the other side and you're like, 'I love you more than I've ever loved you because of it.'''