Paloma Faith once shot a topless lesbian sex scene in order to pay her rent.

The 38-year-old singer has revealed she felt compelled to star in a topless lesbian sex scene for an art film so that she could pay her bills and ensure she kept a roof over her head.

Asked if she had ever had a lesbian fling, Paloma told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: ''I was with a woman once but only from the waist up and it was when I couldn't make my rent.

''An artist asked me if I would be in an art film, doing stereotypical lesbian stuff with a woman.

''The woman I did it with was really attractive, awe-inspiringly gorgeous. And I felt like, yes, it was hot. I got £250 for it, which is what I needed to cover my rent. I was going to get evicted at the time.''

Paloma is currently in a long-term heterosexual relationship with French artist Leyman Lahcine, with whom she has a three-year-old child.

The award-winning musician says her on-screen romp remains her only lesbian experience - despite having previously claimed that most women are bisexual.

In 2014, the singer explained: ''I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body. I also think most women are bisexual.

''I think it's maybe less so for men because socially it's more taboo - there's more pressure on a man. So it's a big deal, a big decision to come out.''

Paloma - whose last album, 'The Architect', was released in 2017 - thinks attitudes towards lesbianism are different.

She said: ''I think with women, it's every heterosexual man's biggest fantasy to see two women get together, so it's a bit more acceptable.''