Paloma Faith felt ''broken'' by motherhood.

The 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This' hitmaker - who has a daughter with her long-term boyfriend Leyman Lahcine - admits she struggled with post-natal depression as she was ''disappointed'' in herself as she didn't feel like she was the mother she thought she would be.

She said: ''I felt very geared up for parenthood and in my mind I was going to have lots of children. I had a really good role model ­because my mum was pretty amazing. And then I had my baby and lots of things went wrong and I was sadder than I've ever been before and I felt broken, largely by the disappointment that I wasn't the mother that I thought I'd be ... I felt completely ­unvalidated by motherhood.''

And the 38-year-old mother quipped she would have to ''schedule in an appointment'' if she wanted another kid.

She added to the Sunday Mirror newspaper: ''If I want another baby I have to sort of schedule in an appointment and at the moment that's not looking great due to Covid.''

Paloma recently confirmed she has a daughter, after previously pledging to bring the tot up as gender neutral.

She said: ''Last year I was trying again and it was strange because once my daughter turned 18 months I suddenly was like, 'I want another one. This is the best.' Then I had a miscarriage and it's sort of an ongoing thing. I have a scar that isn't healing properly from my cesarean so it's creating a bit of a toxic atmosphere which is also quite hard.''

Paloma also admitted she'd had more than one termination in the past because she felt ''too young'' to have a baby.

She said: ''In the past I'd been very fertile and I'd had moments when I was too young to have a baby where I'd chosen not to have it. And I felt very fertile. And when I met my partner I felt very different with him than I felt with most people.''